Renewable energy, at all times.


Unlocking efficiency in energy storage.

About us

At Gaia Membranes we envision a future where renewable energy is available at all times, even when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing. 


Efficient energy storage is at the centre of this vision. And technologies like flow batteries, fuel cells and electrolysers are among those with the greatest potential to provide the affordable storage that we need.


Thus, the fact that our Amphion™ membranes can make a difference in each of these technologies is a source of pride and motivation for us.

Redox flow batteries

We strive to supply the best membranes for a wide range of applications, so that the efficiency of electrochemical energy storage and conversion can be maximised, and the loss of precious renewable energy minimised.

Amphion™ was developed in close collaboration with manufacturer of Vanadium redox flow batteries, and we are proud of the result. Our first product boosts their roundtrip efficiency by up to 20%.


Twenty percent more renewable energy for end users, that is.

Who we are

Fabio Oldenburg

Co-founder, CTO

Fabio (left) is the inventor of the Amphion™ technology behind every membrane. He is passionate about driving technological innovation in the field of sustainability.

Elian Pusceddu

Co-founder, CEO

Elian (right) loves cracking hard problems, especially when solutions matter. He brings to Gaia Membranes deep energy sector knowledge and expertise in continuous improvement.

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